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7th Edition

Original French title : Le Tarot, méthode complète

 Author : Bruno de Nys

Copyright Ed. BRUNO DE NYS : May 2003
Format 16 cm x 24 cm
Bound – 484 pages (colour)
ISBN : 29519933-0-7

Price : 29.90 €



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~ If you wish to learn, understand and practise Tarot, at long last, here is a complete and indispensable work, specialising in the extraordinary possibilities of this instrument. Here the author puts the accent on the divinatory riches of the tool. What is Tarot? How do you practise a draw? What are the different techniques of interpretation? How do you respond to a question of emotion, profession, finance, health…? How do you embark on the voyance and the medium?

~ For the first time in the history of Tarot, a contemporary introduction, transmitted clearly and with the greatest pedagogy, unedited techniques and draws.

~ This long awaited complete method is aimed at both beginners and confirmed tarologues. Thanks to the many examples, exercises and their corrections, it allows for a progressive and long lasting learning of the rules of the art, thus enabling a greater respect of the reading.

~ This complete, unique and spiritual work, all in colour, is a reference in the Universe of the Tarot.

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Livre : Le Tarot - Pratique de la divination



2nd Edition

Bases, draws and responses

Copyright Ed. BRUNO DE NYS : June 2007
ISBN : 978 - 2 - 9519933 - 5 - 8
Format : 16 cm x 24 cm - 256 pages

Price : 23.00 €


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~ This book is designed for people who wish to discover and practise the art of divination. It provides a complete basis of technical training with various clearly explained methods to read the cards. The astonishing possibilities of the Tarot can be easily understood, along with the developing of the intuition and the obtaining of concrete results.

~ In a short time, you will be able to answer questions and shed light on your future and that of your close relations. For the first time in a basic book, you can discover a divining glossary. This will guide you when you want to analyse your professional, financial or emotional situation.

~ The author, well known for his talent and the quality of his writing, has been teaching the Tarot and practising divination for more than twenty years. He transmits with this, a real ‘savoir-faire’. This complete, full colour, illustrated book will charm both beginners and confirmed Tarot readers alike.
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Livre : Messages du Tarot


Volume 1 - Love and sensuality
A divinatory thesis on the emotional life

Copyright Ed. BRUNO DE NYS : June 2006
ISBN : 2-951993-2-3
Format : 16 cm x 24 cm - 1248 pages

Price : 28.50 €


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"The book that all lovers….of Tarot have been dreaming of”

~ There is no need to be a good tarot reader to benefit from the 5,000 answers this provides and to discover your emotional future. All you need is a Tarot deck (or the plates included in the book). Simply draw two cards after having asked the question. You will find an immediate answer to any question on your sentimental life, whether you are single, in the course of separation, attracted by someone, in a couple or whether you wish to split up or divorce – sensuality is also subtly tackled’ (from the cover).

~ As an experienced professional, Bruno de Nys covers all 462 Tarot combinations offered by the cut (a new technique described in ‘Tarot, the complete method’). This book is a valuable sum of help and advice for all those who wish to know the future of their sentimental life. This unprecedented book of pure divination will be appreciated for its serious and precise predictions as well as for its psychological insight.
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Jeu : Le grand Tarot universel

3rd Edition

Copyright Ed. BRUNO DE NYS : November 2005

Deck of 78 cards
ISBN : 2-9519933-1-5

Format : 6,8 cm x 12,5 cm
Boxed weight : 360gr

Price : 23.00 €


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~ The fruit of years of hard work, observations and concrete research, this Tarot unites fraternity with the richness of the rules of the ancient art. It restores the great original symbolic systems and through clear, artistic and graphic concepts, provides us with messages even more universal.
~ The Grand Universal Tarot reveals an unprecedented presence which rapidly triggers the intuition, stimulates imagination and prompts instinctive and impulsive thinking. The gentle quality of its images enables the practitioner to easily use and understand the Tarot.
~ This arousing tool allows for a psychological approach to life, introspection and mediation – a great personal awakening!
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